Prompt 016 – Purple

I couldn’t just stay here, I realized. I couldn’t go along with their moods. I couldn’t let myself get swayed by them.

My village was cool. The people there were teaching me stuff and taking care of me, although in a closed up area that made me feel like I was suffocating.

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Prompt 015 – Blue

Apparently “Land ho!” also meant that they wanted to land there. I, obviously, did not realize that and kept true. That was a bad idea, and as the boat slowed to a stop on the shore of the beach, it yanked on Plume’s foot, stopping him and sending me flying face first into the sand.

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Prompt 012 – Orange

I was returned into Plume’s room, roughly shoved and locked in. I could barely react though, because as soon as I had entered, I was tackled by the ecstatic  fire bird I’ve known to love and care for. He knocked me over, laying on top of me and nearly squishing all the breath out of my lungs. I laughed, petted him, and stroked him back with as vigour as he would let me. He cooed and melted in my arms.

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