Prompt 026 – Stranger

I needed to become friends with strangers.

I ran around and asked as many people that I recognized to have lost last round to meet me in the lounge. Most refused to budge and some were ever hostile, but after I whispered a “if you do this, you won’t die”, most went willingly. There was just the one pissy archer that didn’t want to do it, still holding a grudge about me burning his quiver to shreds. I’ve already apologized so many times but he was being an unreasonable enemy.

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Prompt 022 – Friend

Sphinx knew what was going to happen and leapt up towards, long claws swinging. Once she realized that the fence was too high up, she jumped directly on the wall, pushing off of it in order to get higher. She kept pushing against the wall until her fingers wrapped against the metal bar and then she swung herself up next to me.

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Prompt 021 – Colour

This competition was different than the ones I’m used to. The one I know involve making a graph and going by assumed skill: strongest versus the weakess in order to keep the strong players until the end to make it a grand event.

Since this competition was still just at the first level and no one could compare their strengths to anyone else, the names were picked at random. So I, a newcomer, was obviously pinned against someone that was way of my league.

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