Assassin’s Creed (2007)

This summary was created for myself (or others who feel it is helpful). It is not meant to be extremely accurate about the game’s details, but to convey what I perceive unfolding from the story. There’s a TL:DR session at the end for a quick plot check.

Assassin’s Creed (2007)

The game starts with you rejecting the Animus. You get introduced to Warren (the scientist in charge of the project) and Lucy (who works the Animus since mister scientist can’t do anything for himself). They’ve kidnapped you, Desmond Miles, for this project that allows you to relive your ancestor’s memories. Oh, and they threatened to kill you if you don’t work with them. Yay! They ease you in with a tutorial and then you get started on your first memory.

Memory One.

You become Altaïr, a badass, top-rank, crème de la crème, assassin. Only, he’s so full of himself that he ignores the three rules to assassin-hood when going after Robert de Sablé and fucks everything up. You return to your assassin boss, Al Mualim, to report that you have failed and discover that Robert de Sablé has followed you back in order to get rid of all of you assassins (because Templars don’t like assassins, so why not chase you with a giant army?). You help defend the city and squish them like bugs. You’re congratulated for saving the city but because you failed on your mission of getting the treasure from Robert de Sablé in the first place, he knocks you the fuck out to deal with you later.

You get hauled right back out into present time because you need a break from the Animus. You “stretch your legs” (aka eavesdrop on Warren and Lucy) as she scolds him for trying to keep you in longer which would kill you. He’s on a tight deadline but who cares, you’re more important! You’re the main character! You can go talk to Lucy. You discover that you’re also an assassin in this current time, but your parents were overbearing paranoid freaks so you couldn’t really do anything. Then you ran away from home and got kidnapped by Abstergo! Lucy explains that Abstergo has eyes everywhere, so it was no surprise.

Memory Two.

As Altaïr, you get the chance to redeem yourself if you kill Al Mualim’s targets. To start you off, you snoop out the traitor in the Creed, the one that helped Robert de Sablé get in the city. You figure out that a villager and one of your assassin brothers were actually working for the Templars. Al Mualim kills the villager and gives the assassin a second chance. Al Mualim then reveals that there’s another nine (yes, a big ol’ 9) people that you must also kill. For peace or whatever.

Tamir is the first on your list in Damascus. He’s a black market merchant and he’s got a huge shipment of illegal weapons incoming, but these are for someone else rather than his usual contact. Upon his assassination, Tamir reveals that he and his brothers are working for a much nobler cause. He warns that, by going after all of them, you would ruin yourself. Not that you care.

You’re pulled out to rest again. Lucy explains that the reason Warren sucks is because they only have a week to complete their project. Also, the Animus can translate speech into modern English, though you feel as if some people were talking to real time you (Desmond), not past time you (Altaïr). Finally, Abstergo is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world–it works primarily on anti-depressants. But yet this Animus project has nothing to do with anti-depressants.

Lucy also allows you to look at her computer (Sept 3 files):

  • Warren has a tendency to lose his access pen. Winky face.
  • All Abstergo employees sign a contract that says they can’t talk about anything of the company and its projects to anyone. Aka you.
  • “Wind up like Leila” was a threat Warren used and when Lucy inquired, he refused to give her more information.

The next day, Warren wakes you and blah blah blah says that he’s working to bring the world into order, to remove conflicts, to achieve peace, etc. Lucy arrives and you start back up.

Memory Three.

Al Mualim is proud of you but refuses to tell you more information because that’s what made you fail that one time. Way to hold a grudge. You’re headed to Acre and Jerusalem this time for your next targets.

In Acre, you’re after Garnier, a doctor. He works in a large fortress, where his patients roam about. He tortures and experiments on these patients, and said patients come from Jerusalem so that the people of Acre don’t freak out. While some of his patients can’t handle the doctor, most of them feel better because of him. When you kill Garnier, he reveals that he’s trying to fix them psychologically, but his experiments aren’t going well because he doesn’t have the Pieces of Eden that we took from them. You go back and confront Al Mualim that Garnier seemed to be doing some good and Al Mualim convinces you that the doctor was controlling the patients’ happiness through the hope of getting better.

You move on to Jerusalem and your target is called Talal. He was the guy that kidnapped the people here and sent them to Acre for the doctor to experiment. The city knows him as a slaver and master archer. You find him at one of his warehouses, but alas! It was a trap! He was expecting you! You’re forced to chase him down but that’s nothing to a master assassin like you. Like your other target, he claims that he’s helping the people he kidnapped, because he wants to save them like he was once saved. The people he picked were people that needed help, not just ordinary slaves.

You’re pulled out of the Animus again. This time it’s the machine that needs a break. Lucy talks about her past: she wasn’t able to get a job anywhere when Abstergo hired her. Then she assembled the Animus. Though, once she did, people were sent to kill her but Warren saved her life.

In your room, you find an access code hidden in your closet (no one else knows you’re here, so it’s from Lucy) so that you can leave your room freely now. You go back into the main room: the Animus cooled down and Lucy’s gone. You are able to pick up Lucy’s access pen though. With this, you can get into her computer again (Sept 4 files).

  • Lucy tried to contact another member of Asbtergo to inquire about Leila’s death. She is still refused information.
  • Warren responds again that it was suicide, even if Lucy doesn’t believe it. He tells her to stop digging around.

The next day, Lucy tweaked the Animus so you can stay in longer now. Warren is still rambling about being an evil dictator. Right before stepping into the Animus, you steal Warren’s access pen from his pocket. It’s unsafe to hack into his computer though, so you’ll have to wait until you finish your next memory.

Memory Four.

Al Mualim explains that the two leaders of the war (King Richard and Saladin) are going to meet up but it’ll take a while. Instead of going after them and stopping the war, you’re ordered to go after their corrupt leaders. There’s one in each city: Abu’l Nuqoud in Damascus, William of Montferrat in Acre, and Majd Addin of Jerusalem. You, ever so faithful, will go kill them.

You head to Damascus first. Abu’l Nuqoud is a rich merchant who never leaves his quarters. However, he is holding a festival at his palace and will be making an appearance.  As well, he ordered a huge shipment of wine for the occasion (a lot more than what is allowed wtf). The party starts and Abu’l Nuqoud appears from above. He says that he enjoys seeing everybody happy, but the truth is, he poisoned the wine. Dun dun duuuuuuun. Everyone’s dying, so obviously he’s full of shit. You kill him like a beast and he explains that he poisoned and killed everyone to stop the war.  That’s kinda fucked up but whatever. You’ve killed more people than he did so yeah. You start to doubt the meaning behind the kills that Al Mualim ordered but said boss tells you to chill out and to stop thinking so hard. And, obviously, to continue being his personal hitman.

Acre now, and you’re going after William of Montferrat. This guy and Richard (the king) are known to always argue and these arguments make William sulk away in his citadel. William has a secret plan that he wants to complete, to kill King Richard. You head to the citadel and find William predictably arguing with Richard. Richard is too busy with the war to care for his pet William and leaves. William slinks off into his citadel so you follow him along and go in for the kill. William explains that he did indeed plan to murder Richard (knew it!) in order to put the people in power (did not knew it). He wants to abolish the monarchy and work towards democracy. He was stealing food to ration them for the future, and he was an asshole to teach discipline to his people. But now he’s dead. You go back and Al Mualim reveals that every one you’re going after works for Robert de Sablé.

To Jerusalem! Majd Addin is our target and he’s an executioner, but only of people who get in the way of “their” (coughTheTemplarscough) plans. And turns out, one of the people he is going to execute is one of your brethren of the Creed, so you gotta go fast and stop him before your bro dies. Luckily, he gives a lecture to the people before he does his job. This gives you time to get in there. That’s no problem for you! In the middle of his speech, he and his guards kill citizens (rebels + those to be executed, minus the assassin because you’re the best) so you do the same to him. Majd Addin defends himself by saying that he’s after the way that the assassin’s controlled the city at one point–through fear and power. He’s a power hungry control freak.

You hop back to Al Mulaim.

You’re hauled out of the Animus before you can talk to him. You’re in trouble! The real-time assassins came to save you from the Templars but they were stopped (i.e. killed). Boom. Big reveal: Abstergo is Templars’s company. Your two Templar friends scoot off so you can go nuts and hack into their computers.

Lucy’s computer (Sept 5):

  • In the outbox, you see an email she sent to Rikkin (if you’ve seen the recent movie like I have, you know he’s one of the top Templars in Abstergo), still asking for information on her friend Leila. Lucy is saying that she can be trusted with the information considering everything she’s done for the company (which is not legit because she’s been breaking the rules).

Warren’s computer (Sep 3):

  • Inbox: A storm delayed Abstergo’s Satellite launch.
  • In the outbox: replies to Lucy about his pen + Leila inquisition (but you already saw these earlier)
  • Deleted: The reminder not to divulge important information to anyone.

Warren’s computer (Sep 4):

  • Inbox: More news, this time about drilling for oil in the Weddell Sea, which breaks treaty laws.
  • Deleted: A note from a mysterious sender. He talks about knowing what Warren’s up to: the Templars have (or had?) a metal ball that opens up and makes people kill each other. Warren’s being warned that mystery man will spill the beans and tell the world.

Warren’s computer (Sep 5):

  • Rikkin replied to Lucy saying to contact someone else since he’s away (automated message).  But we didn’t find this message on Lucy’s computer. Seeing as how the next message is a whole two hours later, we can conclude that Lucy removed her deleted box messages. She might be hiding some files from you in her computer.
  • Rikkin replies to the whole thread to Warren warning him to keep Lucy under control since she’s his responsibility (after keeping her alive) but he says “again”. This hints at the first “stirring up the shit” where they sent people out to kill her. Did they try to kill her over simply building the Animus or was there a deeper reason?

That’s all the information you can get so it’s time to go to bed and get back into the Animus.

Memory Five. 

Al Mualim explains that the three leaders desire control over people, to get the holy land and the Piece of Eden. But we have it. He even shows it to you. It’s “temptation” and has a lot of power–it controls the minds and hearts of the people who gaze on it. Every person that you have killed so far were Templars and working with Robert de Sablé to create war against the Creed in order to get the Piece of Eden. You must continue to stop them!

Your next target is in Acre, a guy called Sibrand. He wants to create a blockade to stop King Richard’s troops from arriving in town (betrayaaaaaal) but he can’t get the northern docks he needs to make it happen. He did, however, double the guards at the docks where he’s hiding, but that doesn’t stop you from getting to him and killing him. Sexy. Before he dies, Sibrand says that he doesn’t believe in God and explains that his blockade is to stop the reinforcements in order to free the people from the tyranny of faith (which is controlled by the monarchy, aka King Richard). But he was doing this under orders, like you with killing him. Back to Al Mualim, who says that by killing these guys, you’re weakening Robert de Sablé’s forces.

You head over to Damascus to go after Jubair. Jubair is a man who works with the scholars to destroy books and knowledge in the city. He even tossed one of his fellow scholars in the fire simply because he questioned him. They believe that knowledge is lies, that they cannot rely on words. After the burning (that you secretly watched like a ninja), Jubair and his followers go out to scream to the world how awesome you are. You find the real one using your badass vision and take him down. Jubair defends himself by saying that people themselves are like books, that they all tell a version of the truth, and that there is no way to tell what’s real. He tries again by explaining that the ancients scrolls is what caused such harmful actions like war.

Time for another break. You hear Warren and some other man talk about finishing up this project (and you). Lucy was the one who ejected you early. She warns you that we need to stop them before its too late. She says that they’re going to use your memory to find the Piece of Eden in order to take control of the world. Oh, and there’s also more than one Piece of Eden in the world. Yay. The one that they already had got destroyed.

You pretend to go to bed so that they leave and you can sneak on their computers. Lucy’s computer (Sep 6):

  • In deleted items, there’s a conversation between Lucy and an unknown person. They explain that Abstergo has eyes on another artifact and the “launch” (the Satellite launch) will let them find it. The unknown source Lucy is talking to has been delaying Abstergo as much as they can. You yourself are being used for a different artifact. Lucy also asks for a rescue. The reply secretly says yes in what looks like spam mail.

Warren’s computer (Sep 6):

  • Files were leaked (from our anonymous source) so that Abstergo is now under investigation so that the Satellite launch is on hold.
  • You get a password for the computer in the conference room. You can’t go into the conference room yet because you don’t know the code nor got a key to get in.
  • There’s also a news clipping about the leak that caused Abstergo to be under investigation.

You talk to Warren that your memories don’t match up with what you already know. Warren explains that anyone can write a book and make others believe in their information, that you shouldn’t trust everything you read or hear.

Memory Six. 

You’re with Al Mualim as usual. Robert de Sablé is the last one standing in your way. Al Mualim explains that the Piece of Eden is powerful and consuming, and that they want to use it to create a united, peaceful world. But they go about it the wrong way. Al Mualim was hoping that through all your kills that Robert de Sablé would stop, but he didn’t. So you must go and end him for good.

Your final destination is Jerusalem. The crusaders that are in town with Robert de Sablé are fancier than the usual and are headed for the cemetery, for the funeral. They are all also ready to pick a fight, so you need to be extra sneaky sneak. They recognize you mid ceremony though, so you go ahead and confront Robert de Sablé. But Robert is not Robert! He sent in a girl as a decoy so that he could run away! Robert de Sablé is trying to unite King Richard and Saladin together against the assassins, and the 8 people you killed count as proof to how dangerous your cause is. You let her go.  You fear that it’ll already be too late to return to Al Mualim so instead you chase Robert de Sablé to Arsuf. After a lot of murdering along the way, you find King Richard and tell him that Robert is a traitor, that he ordered the 8 men you killed to work against him. Lo’ and behold, Robert de Sablé was a sneaky bastard, hiding nearby, and claims you to be a liar! (I would too tbh.) King Richard is a useless shit so he has you two fight it out. Robert de Sablé reveals that it was actually Al Mualim that has betrayed you, that he was actually a templar in disguise, and that since he knew the other templars, he wanted them dead and used you to do it, in order to keep the Piece of Eden all to himself. Gasp!

You are pulled out of the Animus again. You hear Warren yelling at you now. Your real-time assassin friends found you (again) and are attacking Abstergo. You have no idea what he’s talking about and how this came to be. You have a better idea now though–Lucy and her mysterious source. But the assassins were taken care of, and apparently Abstergo were also hunting down other assassins and killing them too, just in case. So now you’re all out of luck on that rescue Lucy was hoping. Once Warren leaves, Lucy tells you that although Warren said that, they haven’t found your parents, oh, and that she’s also an assassin. Odd how you never noticed that before (a missing finger is kinda a big deal).

Once you pretend to sleep and Lucy leaves, you can check the computers again. Lucy’s computer (Sep 7):

  • In the outbox, you find out the code for the conference room.

Warren’s computer (Sep 7):

  • In the inbox, there’s a message from Rikkin (the boss!) saying that you suck and that they want to find another guy to replace you. He also suspects that someone inside Abstergo is a mole. You already know that that mole is Lucy.
  • Again in the inbox, another news file. This time about the increase in security at the border between America and Mexico. Is this truly because of illegal immigrants or are they trying to find more assassins?
  • In the deleted box, his conversation with Lucy about the conference room door password.

Because you now know all the details for the conference room, you can sneak right on in. You find the laptop and hack in as usual. The computer seems to be a Warren’s fancy confidential work computer (Sep 7):

  • Rikkin explains that the Satellite that will be searching for the Pieces of Eden is not full proof. He lists their findings:
    1. You are working on the 3rd Piece of Eden they are after. They pressure Warren to hurry the fuck up.
    2. They have a Philadelphia Project, which talks about how they noticed a possible time shift from another subject’s data. They wish to contain the artifacts that alter time in order to avoid paradoxes.
    3. The Tunguska Incident is the case where assassin’s attacked their research center and destroyed their artifact. They nabbed assassins and figured out how to find more artifacts through them.
    4. “Grail”, the Holy Grail, is removed from the list. According to your data, artifacts related to Christ-figures are literary devices and are therefore not real.
    5. Mitchell-Hedges Communicators will be active once the Launch happens and Warren will have access to the channel.

The next day, Warren wakes you up and rushes you in on this memorable day.

Memory Seven. 

You reach Masyaf and find that everyone has been brainwashed by Al Mualim. You get ambushed by other assassins and eventually make it to Al Mualim. He was waiting for you though. You fight off the enemies–copies of the 9 that he sent you to assassinate.  You kill them again and Al Mualim takes his turn against you. He duplicates himself so you have to figure out the real one. He explains that in order to keep power, free will can’t exist. He reveals that all conflicts and wars were created because of the illusions of the Apple of Eden. You fight again. He’s teleporting around this time but you’re still super duper amazing and kill him. You want to destroy the Apple of Eden after, but as it reveals a map where all other Pieces of Eden are, you realize that you can’t destroy it. You need to find these and destroy them too.

You’re yoinked out of the Animus again. Warren is talking to someone about getting more Pieces of Eden. Lucy convinces them that you might be useful before they try to kill you. With such long exposure to the Animus, the bleeding effect allows you to see red symbols everywhere. None of it make sense though. You believe that it is blood from other subjects that have been in this room before you.

With the end credits done, you can check the computers again. Lucy’s has nothing new. As does the conference room computer. However, Warren’s computer has new information (Sept 8):

  • In the inbox there’s news of the second plague in Africa.
  • In the deleted box, Lucy explains the Bleeding Effect, which was when you can’t tell the difference between yourself and your ancestors. This happened to the subject before you, which was why he went crazy and wrote all over the walls with his blood.


  1. You fuck up killing Robert de Sablé, who’s a Templar that hates assassins. You’re demoted.
    • Abstergo kidnapped you after you ran away from your assassin fam.
  2. Find the traitor in the Creed and kill the illegal gun merchant.
    • You get to check out Lucy’s computer for free.
  3. You kill a doctor who tries to fix people and the guy who ships him the people to fix.
    • You can get Lucy and Warren’s access pens so that you can always have access to their comps.
  4. You kill a rich merchant who poisoned everyone with wine, a leader that wants to overthrow the monarchy, and a ruthless executioner.
    • Assassins try to save you pt.1.
  5. You kill the traitor that wants to abolish the monarchy for religious reasons and the knowledge hating, mindfucking fellow burning all the books.
    • Abstergo is now under investigation, slowing them down greatly.
  6. You get to try to kill Robert de Sablé again. But it’s a girl. Oops. You chase after the real him and King Richard has you two fight it out. Robert de Sablé reveals that Al Mualim (your boss) is the real traitor, that he’s also a Templar!
    • Assassins try to save you pt.2. Also gain access to the conference room.
  7. You kill Al Mualim and reveal the location of all the Pieces of Eden.
    • You’re seeing blood stains on the walls and floors.
    • The subject before went nuts because of the Animus.

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