Crayon Days

Crayon Days, a new story I, Mar Savoie, started, focuses on four characters who live in a world where everyone is colour blind. They, however, are the only one who can see the world in colour–correction, in only one colour.

An unlucky boy who made friends with other singular Visioneers like him. He’s always irritable and mean, only caring for himself, and also very picky. He was a bastard child, and his mother died of blood loss giving birth to his little sister. The two were eventually adopted into Cameron’s family. Sees the world red, and hates it because its similar to blood, and he can’t stomach that nor scary things. 

Adam’s younger sister and a member of the Visioneers. She’s always happy and calm, with a soothing aura to her. The others love talking to her because she’s the only one who can deal with their eye problems. She’s good with housework and taking care of others, but she often gets panic attacks. Usually these happens when she’s able to predict the future. Sees the world pink, her favourite colour.

The leader of the Visioneers and the most creative. He’s hyperactive, cheerful, and outgoing, but he with a quick temper. He knows karate as a child, so he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s the eldest of their group and loves to rub it in, making him immature for his age and never serious. He has an obvious crush on Rairai and dislikes Adam. He sees the world yellow, which reminds him of the sun.

The neighbourhood bully and the final, though reluctant, member of the Visioneers. Because she was born with the ability to see the world in blue unlike everyone else, she’s hated herself because of it and lashed out on others. She picks on Kelley the most, because she’s like her yet doesn’t share the same feelings. She refuses to be friends with anyone, and is also the closest person to being a genius. 

As the story progresses, other characters with be added to this list.


I own all the rights on this; the ideas, story, and characters are mine. The story will also be posted on fictionpress (MarSavoie) and NaNoWriMo (MarVogue), with only those pennames, if others post them posing as me, they will be asked kindly to stop, and if not, reported.


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