Fandom Overload

A personal project where I draw my mascot, Marissa, in popular fandoms. This is nonprofit and is just for fun.

Avatar/Legend of Korra
Master airbender? She wishes. It’s only her dream. Ever since she’s been training, she’d wanted to surpass her parents and become someone remarkable. Of course, at first she wanted to become the avatar, but after a few humiliating events, she understood that she could never become him. She now tries everything she can to shortcut a way to get the master Airbender tattoos sooner than she’s supposed to. Of course, all her attempts failed and led to more humiliation. She can cope with it better now, and she’s not afraid to kick the butts of those who mock her. She’s often scolded for this, since air nomads aren’t supposed to be violent, but it doesn’t matter to her. She wants to do more that simply dodge with her wind, thus she often ventures off to practice against other benders.

Pottermore/Harry Potter
Adopted at birth with her brother, both of them had wizard parents. She had never liked wizardry as a child, having always causing trouble and making a mess. But once she got accepted into the school (without telling her parents or her brother), she learned that it was a lot more fun and amazing when she actually knew what she was doing. She snuck away from home, her parents thinking she went back to the orphanage, when she actually went to Hogwarts. She’s a honorable student who dislikes mischief. She’s also short for her age (hence the large cloak) so she has a bit of a complex about it. People often don’t take her seriously.

Full Metal Alchemist/brotherhood
She was trained and taught alchemy from a young age, both her parents being diligent and anal about it. As soon as they deemed her ready, she took the state alchemist test. But, due to lacking a lot of sleep from the all nighters she had to pull to study properly, she bombed the tests and failed. Her parents became much more strict on her ever since, working her to the bone so that she’d be ready for next year’s exam. When it came to her to try again, she was ready and passed it with flying colors. She was dubbed “Nature’s Alchemist” for her excessive use of plant alchemy. She can transmute mostly anything natural that can be found in the forest, and she dislikes mechanical objects and weaponry. She’s often discriminated for being a girl thus she’s sent on fewer missions. But she doesn’t mind it, taking her free time altering her military outfit to her will (which she’s often scolded for) and sneaking out to find and relax in a forest (which, of course, accidentally led to a few forest fires the first few times due to a pissed Roy and a rebelling Marissa). She’s tame now, the only time she sneaks out to keep the other members on their toes.

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Standard disclaimer applied. No profit was received for this project, and all fandom ideas are not mine. Only my mascot, Marissa, and the art belongs to me. I also own her “biography” or “story” if you will.


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